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January 2009-A Updates

We are working on the next version for First Quarter 2009. If you have any questions regarding the forms and their status please contact us. Also, if you have inter- office forms that you use in conjunction with the SCAO forms please let us know. If the form is a simple, 1 or 2 page form, we will add it to our set of forms at no charge. These forms are part of our Auxillary Forms section of our software. Call to discuss more details.

MC - 07a

This form was received on August 2nd. More changes on this form have been made at the end of December, 2008. We are currently making changes to this document. If you need this form immediately please contact our office at 1 800 701 6332.

(NOTE) The existing form can be used until our next release.


SCAO Form MC 07a

This form has a typo on it. If you need this form before the next release please contact us at 800 701 6332. We will ship out a CD to you at no charge.

As always, we will add any form that you do not find in our CD. We will add inner-office forms at no additional charge within two pages. Please call for details.

2008a release is available. If you have any requests/comments please contact us at Info @




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If you have, or need, a legal form that is not part of the existing forms we may be able to re-create the form and add it to the current list of forms. We call these our "Auxillary Forms". Forms like Praecips, Medical Release and other forms that work in conjunction with our SCAO forms software. And we offer this service at no charge to you! If the form is not too complicated and it does not go beyond two pages, we will re-create the form and include it into the existing forms. We only ask that you cover handling and shipping charges. This is a free service to you! No charge! Contact our office today for details. Toll Free 1 (800) 701-6332.

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If you refer to us a first-time customer that purchases our Supreme Court Forms SCAO forms software, upon payment-in-full, you will receive a check in your name for $25.00! Call us for details at 1 (800) 701-6332.



We are re-grouping. We'll have the new updates ready soon. Thank you for your patience during our transitional period. Parts of the website may not be functional while we upgrade our servers and software.


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You can now order our Michigan Supreme Court Forms (SCAO) forms, securely, through our web site. We use in conjunction with our bank, Chase, to process your order. Your information is sent directly the bank account. You can be assured that your data is not sent to a thrid-party company to process your order. Once we have recevied your payment we will immediately ship you the full-set of our Michigan Supreme Court Forms. Order Now!






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Supreme Court Forms "SCAO Forms" for Michigan

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We promise you a quick, simple way, to create, save and print your forms. For the past nine years we have been voted, "Best of Class" by the leading Supreme Court Forms legal software companies around the country. Our forms are fast, dependable and easy to use. Others have tried to re-create our software using short cuts and other technical tricks. However, no other company has been able to produce a set of forms as we have. There are no short-cuts to creating our SCAO Approved Forms. Each form is crafted from the ground up. What this means to you is ease of use and improved functionality. Give our program a try. Give us a call today, toll-free 1 (800) 701-6332.



Since 1991 we have been a software publisher with the State of Michigan and in good standing. We are proud to be considered among the elite companies to be considered, "Approved Supreme Court Forms Publisher for the State of Michigan". You will notice in the "Form Printers" document we are listed as Soft Cell, Inc., Troy Michigan. Soft Cell, Inc. is a subsidiary of Top of Troy Computer Services, Inc. is part of the Soft Cell, Inc. software division. View Form Printers List (PDF)

WestGroup|Thomson|Lawyers Co-operative Customers

Many of you may or may not know West Group formely marketed our product for eight years. At the end of our exclusive marketing agreement with West, we decided now to re-new our contract. Our strategy has been the same since the beginning. We want to expand our Supreme Court Forms product into other states. We enjoyed our time with West Group, Lawyers Cooperative and Thompson-West. We bring this up because many customers did not realize that we were the same company whom they purchased our software through the West Group. We thank the many customers that have found us and have purchased updates. Now that you know the story we extend a warm welcome to all of our former West Group customers. To our former West Group customers we offer to you an "existing customer" status. All you need to show is a previous invoice, original CD or serial number and you'll receive our current update at no charge.

Supreme Court Forms Coming Soon...

You may have heard but we are in negotiations to re-produce our software for other states. When we are closer to finalizing our contracts we'll make the announcement as to what states we are planning offer our forms. Check back soon to see what's exciting and new in the world of electronic Supreme Court Forms software forms!